Release of new software for Nor150, NorConnect, NorVirtual and NorReview!

We are pleased to announce the release of new versions of Nor150, NorReview, NorVirtual and NorConnect containing new features for Building Acoustics, Sound Intensity and Environmental noise measurements.

The update is a free update, except for customers having NorReview older than V6. Nor150 V2.0 and V2.1 requires NorReview V6 to support the new marker storage format, profile B and profile moving.

Nor150 version 2.1.1024 highlights;

BA mode:

  • «Project overview page» for easy navigation within a project.
  • Exclude/include microphone positions
  • Manual adjustment of RT decay curve
  • Faster RT measurement
  • Trigger for impulse RT measurement
  • 1/1 octave RT measurements possible without having BA option added.
  • Corner measurements added
  • C and Ctr added in Rating table
  • Intuitive warning icons added, similar as in intensity mode
  • Easier to re-use measurement data in a new project

Intensity mode:

  • Bands outside calculated frequency range is now shaded gray to improve visibility in spectrum view.
  • Exclusion of bands is possible using the context menu in simple and advanced view.
  • Exclusion of segments/surfaces is possible via context menu. Indication by blue triangle/blue box.
  • Delete data from surface/segment possible via context menu. Optionally only horizontal or vertical.
  • Negligible repeatability warning: Automatically neglect repeatability warnings for bands with low power compared to the highest A-weighted band.
  • Too short averaging time warning (ISO 9614-2, segment scan less than 20 sec).
  • Weighted sum not compliant and Frequency range not compliant is separated. (Required 50 Hz to 6.3 kHz for Weighted sum, 31.5 Hz to 10 kHz for general frequency range).
  • Low mid-band power warning (Low power in the range 400 Hz to 5 kHz).
  • High level outside A-total (high levels outside weighted sum fres. range).
  • Extensive Help System update, including warnings.
  • Area information in Scope view -> INFO shows information about selected segments/surfaces.
  • Saving a measurement setup now stores the surface parameters, enabling preconfigured measurements setups and surfaces.

The NorRemote for smartphone control has been updated. However, please be aware that:

  • Table scrolling on NorRemote is not possible in running mode. We recommend not to use table mode when measuring.
  • Context menu features are not available on the app.
  • Tapping suggested improvements in the Warning pane does not work. Please use the Nor150 directly to assess improvements.


  • NorVirtual interface. It is possible to enable/disable the use of NorVirtual in the Communication menu.
  • Exact synchronization of clocks if multiple instruments are connected together via the sync input / output feature.
  • A separate technical note is describing this feature more in detail.
  • Support for NorAcal software. The new Audio meter calibration software. Separate release note will follow shortly with more information about this program.
  • Possibility to delete all measurements in one operation (Memory menu).
  • Improved handling of battery controller and display touch controller.
  • Improved handling of Wlan connectivity including reset function.

Service pack 2.1.20 must be installed with the update of V2.1.1024. Both are available at the download site.

NorConnect version 2.1.1025x supports the new features added in Nor150 V2.1. including some new useful features;

  • Support for including decay data in Building Acoustics/Sound Power overview reports.
  • Combining two or more Nor150 building acoustics measurements is now supported. Select which measurements to include and click the “Combine” button or drag measurements into existing multi-projects). The term Concatenate is renamed to Combine.
  • Data viewer for Building Acoustics measurements with similar layout as Nor850.
  • Data viewer for Sound Power measurements added with similar layout as Nor850.
  • Data viewer for Sound Intensity measurements with similar layout as Nor850.
  • Handling Nor150 v2.1 and Nor850 v 2.3.1018 marker storage format.

It is mandatory to upgrade to this version to support the Nor150V2.1. This version also supports Nor150 2.0 and above.

NorVirtual version V2.0.1004 is available with the following features added;

  • Copy and save to file function of the Nor150 screen
  • USB connection is automatically detected upon startup of NorVirtal.
  • The IP address from last connection is remembered for easy reconnection via any interface, (WLAN, LAN or USB)

It is not mandatory to upgrade to this version.

NorReview  V6.1.156 is available with the following new features;

  • If more than one measurement is selected in the Workspace, NorReview will now create one view per measurement when clicking one of the “create view” buttons (L(t), L(f), L(t)+L(f), L(f,t) 3D or Summary).
  • Copy user-defined markers from one measurement to another (done in the MarkerManagement window).
  • Properties dialog in Waveform view. If the wav is connected to a measurement (with a marker), it’s now possible to select absolute time as x-axis units.
  • In addition, absolute and relative time parameters in the waveform view are now displayed with microseconds.
  • The QuickCalc “Average”, “Exposure”, “Max”, “Min” and “Percentiles” tabs now display effective calculation duration in addition to duration of selected area.

NorReview version V6.1.156 is required to support all functions in Nor150V2.1 This version also supports earlier versions of Nor150 and other Norsonic products. Please note that there is an upgrade fee for customers using older versions that V6.x.  Cf pricelist for upgrade cost.