Nor1297 Noise Compass

and Nor1545 Noise Monitoring Terminal

Nor1297 and Nor1545

The three-dimensional Nor1297 Noise Compass significantly reduces time spent on judging if a noise source should be a part of the overall noise calculation or not, simply by defining which direction the noise is coming from. When used together with Norsonic’s sound level meters and NorCloud, the device provides a three-dimensional vector pointing at the sound source. The system may also operate off-line and collect the data on the instruments SD card for later analyse in NorReview.

The newly released Nor1545 is our top of the range Noise Monitoring Terminal featuring easy connectivity to NorCloud. It is a scalable systems that fits all type of noise monitoring applications, from simple dBA logging to advanced noise monitoring features including sound recording. The newly launched Noise Compass, weather stations and IP camera can also easily be added.