New software v4.0 for Nor145/Nor150

STI calculation using the STIPA method and several improvements.


Norsonic recently launched STI calculation using the STIPA method in the Nor145 and Nor150. It can be added as an optional retrofit to all existing and new instruments.

Additional features are background noise compensation and auditory correction.

The software update contains several improvements, some only applicable for units connected to NorCloud. The main highlights for manual use are;

  • Remote control API – option 15. It is implemented an API to remote control the instrument. This is not a general available option, but is in the first hand meant to be offered to Norsonic’s system integrator partners for larger projects requiring several instruments.
  • “Drop box” support. Measurements can manually be tagged in the MEM menu and sent to “NorCloud drop box”. Option 12-Norcloud is required, and a valid NorCloud account.

Building Acoustics

  • Import project setups from Nor850. The import project from 850 is useful feature when planning a measurement project. Parameters like room size and volume can be configured in Nor850 upfront and transferred to the instrument using NorConnect v4.0.
  • Re-use of project data from other measurements. It is now possible to re-use project data from a measurement (room size and volume) in addition to measurement data in a new project.
  • Simplified Reverberation time measurements. With RT option present it is now possible to do simple RT measurements without having the complete BA option.
  • Extended number of loudspeaker source positions from 4 to 9.

Sound Intensity (Nor150 only)

  • Support for single surface to enable measurement in accordance to ISO 15186 “Acoustics — Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements using sound intensity”. The calculation and reporting is supported in Nor850 – V3.
  • Depending on surface dimensions, every surface was divided into rows and columns automatically. It is now possible to disable this function.


Version 4.0 is a free SW update and no new license codes are needed, except for the STIPA and remote API option. Please download the new firmware version from our webpage

New versions of NorReview, v6.2.87 and NorConnect v4.0.210411 supporting the news in V4 are also available on our download site.