King’s Medal of Merit to Ole-Herman Bjor

Norsonic chief scientist Ole-Herman Bjor rewarded with King's Medal of Merit by His Majesty King Harald V

Ole-Herman Bjor with the King’s Medal of Merit, his wife Liv and children Ole-Andreas, Karianne og Kristin (left) and County Governor Valgerd Svarstad Haugland (right).

Last week Ole-Herman Bjor received the King’s Medal of Merit award for his great work at Norsonic and within national and international ISO and IEC standardization committees for signal processing and acoustics, combined with his important contribution in the local community.

Just after his PhD graduation in 1970, Ole Herman started to work for Norsonic. Still today at the age of 71 years he is engaged as our chief scientist within the R&D department. In his career he has earned four patents on innovative acoustic measurement methods, but is maybe best known as the man behind the unique ultra sound intensity probe in the late 1980’ies and for the widely used 7-pin signal connector for acoustic instrumentation.

But not less important for the reward, is his great contribution to the local community over 4 decades of voluntary engagement; many of them as chairman of the local church council, and instigator for various pro-loco initiatives.

The Medal was announced to Ole-Herman as a surprise by the County Governor during a 50th anniversary event for Norwegian customers and cooperation partners on 18th October, at which both his close family and friends from his local community were specially invited.


What is The King’s Medal of Merit