Sound Power

Noise emitting products are all around us. As noise awareness has never been higher, it is more than ever important for manufacturers to reduce the noise produced by their product. Quantifying the sound power generated by a product is therefore critical to most industries and manufacturers of for example appliances, machinery, tools and other equipment. To promote competition on lower sound levels, EU regulations requires that products are clearly labelled with their sound power levels. This helps the customers to purchase the product with the lowest noise exposure for both themselves and who is nearby by purchasing the quieter product.

To obtain fair and comparable measurement result, international standards describes and defines a set of test setups and test methods. This to guarantee that the results will represent the objects absolute acoustic energy, independent of the acoustic environment, namely the Sound Power or LWA.

Norsonic can offer a set of tools, both hardware and software, to perform a wide range of relevant EU and international product test standards. Our certified sound power testing solutions will help you with engineering and benchmarking issues in your R&D department, but also to assure that your product comply the requirements of the standards.

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