Sound Intensity

Sound Intensity is the preferred method to accurately measure sound power when you have a difficult acoustic test environment such as a high background noise or if equipment is in a poor acoustic test room. The method is therefore also perfect for in situ measurement, on the hole or just a part of the equipment. Even when the equipment consists of many noise radiating sources, this method can be used on each singular component as a steady background noise makes no contribution to the sound power determined when measuring intensity. As sound intensity gives a measure of direction as well as magnitude it is also very useful when locating sources of sound, as for examples finding sound leakages or as a tool in your R&D department.

The dual channel Nor150 sound analyser with large colour touch screen makes measurements significantly easier to accomplish than ever before. Connecting the intensity probe directly to the top of the Nor150 or connect via an extension cable. On board application software guides you through the ISO 9614 measurement procedure and give you results and improvement hints and tips on your screen during every step of your measurement.

General intensity measurements, not following any standard, can also be done, and with our software you can also use the Nor150 sound intensity for measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements according to ISO 15186-2 part 2.

Thanks to our unique, small and light weight phase correction coupler Nor1294, a full on-site calibration of the probe takes not more than 5 minutes, let you use the 12 mm spacer to cover the entire frequency range from 25 Hz to 10 kHz, and allows measurements of highly reactive sound fields.

The remote-control handle using a smartphone as a measurement control and displaying device forms a light weight and easy to use system, allowing the user to perform all measurements with a single hand operation.

Key features using the Norsonic Sound Intensity solution:

  • Compact and portable
  • Measure all relevant frequencies with a single 12 mm spacer
  • Remote control access to the system from a smartphone
  • Pause and back-erase with L(t)-graph
  • Measures sound power to ISO 9614 standard, or not ..
  • Full editing noise mapping and reporting abilities
  • Compatible with other brands of sound intensity probes

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