Acoustic Camera sofware release 3.0

We are releasing a new software version for the Acoustic Camera.

Acoustic Camera software release 3.0
Acoustic Camera software release 3.0

Whats new?

  • Added hardware support Hextile and Multitile (triple-Hextile)
  • Added support for custom ArrayGroups with templates for hexagonal
  • Added new low threshold slider to hide noise in recordings
  • Added possibility to have large dynamic range plotted via the contour plotting
  • Added export of scene to UFF58
  • Added Acoustic Eraser to attenuate exactly 30 dB at the selected point
  • Added support to choose between multiple arrays connected
  • Added license locked to the computer the user is using
  • Increased overall stability significantly
  • Added support for Mac OS X Mojave and semi support for Dark Theme

This software update is free of charge for customers who have a maintenance contract or customers having purchased a hextile or multitile system.

Contact your local Norsonic distributor for more information.

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