Environmental profile

Norsonic is contributing to a more environmental friendly and quiet world.

Noise pollution is affecting a large part of the world’s population. Norsonic products help our customer to design quieter products with a more optimized material use. Our developers has strict guidelines to develop products that can be produced in an environmental friendly way, with the lowest possible carbon footprint as possible. All products follows the latest RoHs requirements. Our main subcontractors are situated in Scandinavia to minimize the impact of long distance transportation. An important prerequisite when selecting a subcontractor is his environmental profile and distance from our factory to minimize the carbon footprint.

We have a certified waste management system and a free recycling policy in accordance to ISO14001 of discarded Norsonic products.

A part of our environmental policy is to make products that last longer than what is average for our industry. A Norsonic instrument is often in service for 15 to 20 years thanks to our software update philosophy and rugged design.

We believe in a more healthy world through good designed products and smart resource use.

RENAS certificate

Grønt punkt (Green Dot Norway) certificate